The Journey to Maintenance Excellence:Storeroom Integration (Part II)


Another key process to ensure maintenance efficiency is job kitting. Before a job is scheduled and assigned to be executed, the parts should be placed in a kit and perhaps delivered to the job site. This is another area where standard jobs can be valuable because you can look at what was actually used on the job and make that the kit.

Discipline is needed when running a storeroom. Every day, certain standard activities are likely to take place: receiving parts, putting parts away, picking parts, performing cycle counts, etc. As the year goes on, other items need to be done: annual counts, reports on potentially obsolete parts, rearrangements to make picking more efficient, etc. All of these should be part of the storeroom staff’s job assignment, and most should be tracked by KPIs.

Effective MRO buying is also essential to maintenance efficiency. The best practice is to have the MRO buyer run a reorder-point report daily, review it, get necessary approvals, and issue purchase orders to suppliers for needed materials. There are other reports like orders due or past due that also need attention. The MRO buyer is often the person who will also see that parts that need to be expedited are procured.

All of the staff who are involved with material delivery to the maintenance operations need to have their jobs well defined, tools to do their job, and KPIs to help them understand their performance and if things are getting better or not.

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