The Journey to Maintenance Excellence: Systems Support


Many organizations are only using their CMMS/EAM as a record-keeping tool. If that is all they want, then perhaps a spreadsheet can suffice. A CMMS/EAM is a “tool” that goes far beyond record keeping. By not fully utilizing the CMMS/EAM, maintenance operations are missing out on opportunities to save time and money. As the utilization of CMMS/EAM increases, overall productivity and profitability also increase.

It is vital that you know the full functionality of your CMMS/EAM and plan ways to improve your use of it in the future. A properly implemented CMMS/EAM will increase overall productivity by improving work process flow, helping you migrate from a reactive to a proactive mode, and by incorporating useful features like preventive-maintenance optimization and trending analysis.

A well-utilized CMMS/EAM facilitates day-to-day operations, resulting in efficiencies that are not possible with manual systems. It produces reliable information to enable you to make informed decisions at all levels of the operation, including requesters, maintenance technicians, service managers, and corporate management. This allows for operation-wide optimizations and accountability.

It is crucial that the fundamentals are in place (work processes, storeroom, etc.) before addressing technology. If the fundamentals are not in place, adding technology will not help your operation.

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Kris Bagadia is a world-renowned CMMS/EAM expert. He is the founder and CEO of PEAK Industrial Solutions, LLC, a firm specializing in maintenance consulting, training and computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) implementation. He has helped a wide variety of clients ranging from universities to hospitals to manufacturing plants to turn their maintenance into profit centers through comprehensive maintenance efficiency assessments (audits). He has helped dozens of clients save money, reduce downtime, and convert from reactive to proactive maintenance. Visit for more information.
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